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Britt Neuhaus

Vice President of Program and Partnerships

Britt builds collaborations with other organizations in the field that grow the reach and impact of ASSISTments, and oversees ASSISTments' professional learning designed to support and inspire the growing base of teacher users. She has spent her full career dedicated to improving public education at every level of the system. First, as a teacher in the New York City Public School system, then as a school coach and professional development leader within the NYC DOE's Innovation Zone. Most recently, Britt has been involved in philanthropy as the Innovative Schools Program Officer at Overdeck Family Foundation.

I am passionate about maximizing school design, innovation and tech in order to achieve better and more equitable outcomes for kids.
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The impact of distance learning has not hit communities equitably. At a time when access to technology has become a must-have for learning to continue, there continues to be a digital divide along race, socioeconomic and geographic lines. Read more to find out how ASSISTments provides support for teachers.

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Who Decides if Ed Tech Even Works

A veteran math teacher puts ASSISTments to the test and reports on how second-year algebra students learn to persevere in completing homework assignments through the use of the online homework platform. She showcases the tool’s ability to deliver instant feedback and embed video explanations in problem sets.

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