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Carrie Moy

Program Associate

Carrie creates and manages systems that support the success of various projects and partnerships with the ASSISTments Foundation. She has a Master's in Education and over a decade of experience in the classroom. Carrie worked closely with the ASSISTments Foundation before entering into this official role. She was an ASSISTments Certified Teacher, ASSISTments Ambassador, and participant in various TFRF opportunities. During her free time, Carrie likes to camp in state parks, spend time with her pups, and plan her next bucket list adventure. She has already crossed off trapeze flying, skydiving, and solo traveling in Costa Rica.

I will continuously advocate for students and believe that by helping ASSISTments grow, together, we can help move math education forward for students; while keeping teachers in the drivers seat.
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The Benefits of Using ASSISTments with Paper and Pencil

When students show their work, it allows teachers to visualize their thought process when working through a problem. The visual feedback gives the teacher the opportunity to understand learning gaps of each student and formulate a plan to fill those learning gaps. Working with paper and pencil can also increase scores by 13 points compared to their peers. Read on to learn how.

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Spotlighting ASSISTments Teachers

Meet a few of our amazing ASSISTments Teachers. We hope their uses of ASSISTments inspire you as much as they inspire us.

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