Janet Pinto

Director of Growth and Impact

Janet leads the design and execution of marketing and communication strategies to bring ASSISTments to teachers, students, tutors, and schools. She has spent her career focused on supporting educators in the important work they do every day, leading marketing teams at innovative edtech startups and nonprofits.

"I have a wish. I wish that at the end of every school day, each child feels successful about at least one thing. Maybe they created an art project, aced a math test, helped another student, made a new friend, did a flip on the trampoline, or were chosen to take the class hamster home for the weekend. Whatever it is, it is something that makes a positive, joyful impact on the child’s soul. And that makes all the difference."
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Empowering District Admins and Leaders: Unleashing the Potential of Data-Driven Math Education

District admins and leaders are acutely aware of the transformative impact that data can have on instruction, student achievement, and narrowing learning gaps, particularly in the realm of mathematics. However, they have long grappled with cumbersome and inefficient resources that only serve to compound their stress and burden, as well as that of their teachers. But here's the exciting news: a new wave of options has arrived, offering the streamlined experience they've been longing for. Prepare to discover the unrivaled power of learning data through ASSISTments Teacher and ASSISTments Advantage—a game-changing solution that delivers on all fronts.

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Data as a Catalyst: Three Strategies for Instructional Leaders and Coaches

As instructional leaders in K-12 schools and districts grapple with the growing learning gaps in math resulting from the pandemic, they are increasingly relying on the power of data to guide instruction and ensure all students have positive experiences in the math classroom. This article delves into three pivotal strategies that underpin the implementation of data-informed instruction.

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