Ryan Emberling

Director of Engineering

Ryan designs, engineers, and maintains the ASSISTments design system, which consists of documentation and reusable code artifacts that bootstrap rapid prototyping and the development of beautiful, branded, and well-made software. He also conducts user research, designs, prototypes, and engineers web applications for the ASSISTments platform. Ryan can be found training engineers in web architecture, e2e testing, and best practices for front-end web development. He also leads the design, development, and user research for E-TRIALS: the ASSISTments tool for researching learning at scale. Ryan holds a Masters in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Outside of work, you’ll find Ryan enthusiastically playing the guitar and trumpet. He also loves games of all sorts, but has a particular affinity for board and card games.

Beyond the design and development of accessible interfaces, teaching is my passion.
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