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Intervention with Precision

ASSISTments Tutor powers learning acceleration for schools by supporting tutors with real-time learning data from core instruction they can use to target tutoring time for each student.
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The ASSISTments Tutor Academy provides six on-demand sequential modules to provide both novice and experienced tutors with the best practices and strategies they need to deliver effective tutoring sessions for their students.

  • Tutoring skills and abilities
  • Positive relationship building with students
  • Focusing on student strengths
  • Understanding how ASSISTments Teacher supports your work as a tutor
  • Using ASSISTments Tutor data to plan, deliver, and monitor your tutoring sessions

We recommend beginning with Module 1 and following the sequence. Use the Tutor Training Companion Workbook as a helpful reference with Modules 1-3. Make a copy of this document and save it to your own files.

Questions? Contact Dr. Denise Barrett, ASSISTments Tutoring Program and Partnerships

Module 1

Foundational Tutoring Skills and Strategies

This module is designed to develop and improve your tutoring skills and abilities. Focusing on research-based best practices in tutoring, novice tutors will be empowered with the confidence and skills to support student achievement.
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Module 2

Building Relationships with Students

This module is designed to help novice tutors understand how and why relationships improve student learning and to implement positive strategies to build strong relationships with students.
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Module 3

Focusing on Student Strengths

This module equips tutors with the tools to recognize the signs of math anxiety and lead tutoring conversations focused on student strengths to address it.
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Module 4

Getting Started: Overview of ASSISTments Teacher

This module covers the nuts and bolts for tutors using the ASSISTments Teacher platform. Topics include: Logging in How teachers use ASSISTments How classroom data can support tutoring sessions
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Module 5

Diagnose Using ASSISTments Teacher Data

This module covers how tutors will learn how to access and interpret data in ASSISTments Teacher.
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Module 6

Plan, Deliver, Monitor

This module covers how Tutors will learn to plan, deliver, and monitor instruction during tutoring sessions.
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