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As a standalone curriculum, Illustrative Mathematics has proven itself as a high quality math curriculum with amazing scores from EdReports. If you’re using IM print materials, you may wish that you could give each student individual feedback and timely grading - all simultaneously. Considering you’re only one person, that could be really difficult! But, ASSISTments has found a way to make this possible. 

By digitizing the student facing materials, we’ve made it easy for you to assign online directly through your LMS. When assigning your IM Practice Problems, Cool Downs, Student Tasks or Assessments through ASSISTments, students receive immediate feedback. As the teacher, you’ll get quick and easy-to-understand student progress data on every assignment. The benefits of assigning your IM student practice and formative assessments through ASSISTments is clear - it’s almost like you’ve been multiplied! Keep reading to find out why we call Illustrative Math + ASSISTments Teacher a “dynamic duo!” 

You Can Quickly Identify Student Learning Gaps using Illustrative Math Diagnostic Assessments

Many schools use benchmark or quarterly assessment to diagnose learning gaps and track student success. At ASSISTments, we know that timely data is important so that students' needs are addressed in a regular and consistent way. 

ASSISTments has digitized all of the Illustrative Math formative and summative assessments for students, including the Check Your Readiness assessments. 

These pre-unit diagnostics include questions that address prerequisite skills for each unit. Assigning through ASSISTments prior to starting a new unit will highlight specific topics/standards that need reteaching or review so that new material is more accessible to students.

TRY IT: Assign an IM Check Your Readiness assessment through ASSISTments before starting your next unit. When you identify prerequisite standards that need reteaching before starting a new topic, try assigning Skill Builders - mastery based problem sets that target specific CC standards. 

Students Can Problem Solve On Paper AND Get Feedback From ASSISTments.

We recognize that digital tools are NOT a replacement for students using pencil and paper. ASSISTments advocates that students should still be using paper and pencil (or their Kendall Hunt workbook) to show their thought process and reasoning, even if they are submitting their work digitally. While students use paper and pencil, ASSISTments supports by providing students with immediate feedback and hints as they work through their problems. 

This allows students to immediately reflect on their process, make revisions and try again. Teachers also have immediate access to student and class level data to help them quickly identify trends in student understanding (without manually scoring student work).

TRY IT: Assign your next IM Practice Problem Set in ASSISTments for independent practice. See how students benefit from the immediate feedback and student supports ASSISTments offers.

Who doesn’t want a second chance to succeed? Redo makes it possible.

Providing students with multiple opportunities to succeed in formative practice is at the heart of ASSISTment’s mission. We have recently released a new feature called Redo which allows students to have a second opportunity at success if they answer a problem incorrectly. Students are provided with hints (and of course immediate corrective feedback) so that they can recognize their errors, try again with a similar problem, and master their understanding.

TRY IT: Try assigning your next problem set with “Redo.” Look for the

when assigning to see where Redo problems are available.

If your school has adopted Illustrative Mathematics, consider applying the tips above to further amplify your students' learning progress. With ASSISTments Teacher, you get access to high quality content and the ease of assigning directly online. Plus, it’s always free for teachers!

Learn more about how ASSISTments can enhance your Illustrative Mathematics curriculum here.

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