Dawn Peterson

Product Owner, Student Experience and Content

Dawn started her career in education as a math teacher in Bellingham, MA. She served as an 8th grade teacher for 14 years and was an early adopter of ASSISTments, which she used in her own classroom for approximately 10 years. ASSISTments made such an impact on her teaching routine and philosophy of teaching that she joined the ASSISTments team to help other teachers succeed with using data to drive their instruction.

As the Director of Content & Partnerships at The ASSISTments Foundation, Dawn manages high quality curricula and other content that is available for teachers through ASSISTments. She is also working with curriculum and PL partners in order to continuously seek out opportunities to best support educators.

During her free time, she can be found spending time with her husband and two kids; planting, tending, and harvesting fruits and vegetables from her garden; or working her way through Stephen King's collection of work.

I personally have experienced the value of using ASSISTments for data driven instruction and I'm so happy to share that knowledge with other educators.
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As a standalone curriculum, Illustrative Mathematics has proven itself as a high quality math curriculum with amazing scores from EdReports. If you’re using IM print materials, you may wish that you could give each student individual feedback and timely grading - all simultaneously. Considering you’re only one person, that could be really difficult! But, ASSISTments has found a way to make this possible.

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We are seeking 6th grade math teachers who use Eureka/EngageNY as their core math curriculum to participate in this pilot study happening this Spring 2023. All participating teachers will receive up to $600, as a thank you for their time completing study activities.

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