AI Math Research by ASSISTments and WPI Highlighted in Forbes

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Discover how Worcester Polytechnic Institute's research, featured in Forbes, is shaping the future of education with AI.

We are thrilled to announce that research conducted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the sponsor organization of ASSISTments, has been featured in a Forbes article titled "Now That ChatGPT's Been Introduced, It's Time to Fine-Tune It." This recognition highlights the innovative work being done in the field of education technology and underscores the importance of our continued efforts to improve learning outcomes for students.

The featured research, which can be found here, explores the use of advanced AI models, such as ChatGPT, in educational settings. It discusses how these models can be leveraged to personalize learning experiences, provide instant feedback, and support educators in their teaching practices. The study's findings have significant implications for the future of education, demonstrating the potential of AI to transform the way students learn and teachers teach.

At ASSISTments, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in education. This recognition showcases our dedication to enhancing the learning experience through innovative solutions. We are excited about the possibilities that AI-powered tools like ChatGPT offer and look forward to furthering our research in this exciting field.

We invite you to read the full Forbes article here and explore how ASSISTments continues to lead the way in educational innovation.

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