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Building Confidence in Students with Timed Assignments

You may think that timed assignments can increase math anxiety, but using a timer in your classroom can actually increase math performance in your students. To help prepare students for future testing and provide you with an opportunity to understand your students knowledge, ASSISTments has developed a new Assign Time feature!

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What's New (in two!) 2023

Take a look at what’s new! At the end of the year we shared some exciting news about changes we’re making to the student experience, now you can see it for yourself.

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Announcement: Assessments in ASSISTments

We are pleased to announce that all available unit assessments available within the Illustrative Math, Eureka Math and Open Up Resources curricula are now available for teachers to view and assign, without the need to request access. In an effort to keep these out of the hands of students, these folders will only be visible once you are logged in with a verified teacher role.

For support getting your ASSISTments account verified, click here to view our User Resource or email us at

List Of Assessments In Assistments - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image

What Assessments and Diagnostics are Available?

  • Open Up Resources 6-8: Pre-Unit Assessments, Mid-Unit Assessments (when available), End-Unit Assessments 
  • Open Up High School Mathematics (Integrated & AGA): Quick Quizzes, Unit Assessments, Performance Assessments
  • Illustrative Mathematics (1-5): Section Checkpoints, End-of-Unit Assessments, End-of-Course Assessments
  • Illustrative Mathematics (6-8): Check Your Readiness (A & B), Mid-Unit Assessments (A & B, when available), End-of-Unit Assessments (A & B)
  • Illustrative Mathematics (HS): Check Your Readiness, Mid-Unit Assessments (when available)
  • Eureka Math: Mid-Module Assessments, End-of-Module Assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessments (created by LDOE): Eureka Diagnostic Assessments by Module and Topic (grades 1-8), High School Diagnostic Assessments (Algebra I, Geometry) 
  • JUMP Math (3-8): Unit Quizzes, Unit Tests, Benchmark Assessments
  • CenterPoint (1-Alg1) - Back to School Screeners

For a full list of all content available in ASSISTments (by grade level and by curriculum), click here.

Want to learn more about Test Mode in ASSISTments? Click here.