ASSISTments has partnered with JUMP Math!

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We are excited to highlight the content and teacher support resources we’ve developed in partnership with JUMP Math. ASSISTments was developed with learning science principles at its core and a focus on proven methods that increase student learning. JUMP Math is an award-winning non-profit organization that aims to help children reach their full potential through a curriculum that seeks to cultivate an understanding of and appreciation for math. 

What Content is Available to JUMP Math Educators?

ASSISTments has digitized all of the JUMP Math Unit Quizzes, Tests and Benchmark materials for students in grades 3-8. This content is available to assign through ASSISTments (for free) and we enhance these materials in two ways: 

1) Students receive the immediate feedback they need to grow and learn

2) Teachers also get real-time data that helps to save time, target instruction, and to support serving a diverse group of learners. 

Click here to view the JUMP Math materials in ASSISTments.

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What Training and Support Materials are available to support Jump Math Teachers?

To ensure that JUMP Math teachers get started using ASSISTments with success, we collaborated with the team at JUMP Math to offer New User webinars specifically for you! To watch recordings of these webinars to learn more about how to integrate ASSISTments into your classroom routine, click the links below:

New User Part 1: Learning the Basics for JUMP Math Teachers

New User Part 2: A Deep Dive on Data for JUMP Math Teachers

We hope the availability of this high quality curriculum on the ASSISTments digital platform, will empower educators and assist in maximizing the abilities and multiplying the potential of all students, with immediate feedback for students and actionable data for teachers. If you have questions about this content or want additional support please contact Dawn Peterson at

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