Commentary: Short Tutoring Sessions on Demand, Chatbots to Help With Homework Problems — Innovations That Could Get Students Back on Track

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As schools around the country adopted remote learning last spring and this fall, demand for tutoring shot up. Some states like Tennessee have launched statewide tutoring efforts, and Congress might soon invest in tutoring as well.

The intuition that tutoring provides students with a leg up is borne out by the research. Academics have called the approach one of the most versatile and potentially transformative educational tools in use today.

Both of us have spent years tutoring students in math, as well as standing in front of classrooms helping students understand fractions and cosines. As we watch education leaders become increasingly focused on tutoring, we believe the field has become overly fixed on scheduled one-on-one or one-on-two sessions, with a single tutor supporting one or two students. This is the standard approach, where the student has the same tutor multiple times a week.

This type of tutoring is expensive and hard to scale, though remote options can potentially solve these problems...

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