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Cristina Heffernan

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Cristina began her teaching career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon, Africa. Since then she has felt at home working with and for educators with a special passion for middle school math. In 2003, Cristina was the go-to advisor for the work her husband Neil was starting at WPI - a platform to assist and assess students that would become ASSISTments. Soon she became a full partner in the project. They have been innovating and developing ASSISTments ever since.

The theory of formative assessment has become Cristina's north star when it comes to developing a product that supports teachers and students. As the Executive Director of The ASSISTments Foundation, she is able to fulfill her vision of having ASSISTments be in every math teacher’s online toolbox.

Cristina thinks of her work as her hobby. When not thinking about ASSISTments she likes to quilt and get young people to explain how they solved math problems.

I am excited about supporting teachers with data they can use to improve instruction.
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