Discover How Immediate Feedback with ASSISTments Teacher Can Transform Your Classroom

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Meet Nicola Schieb, a recent awardee of the Teacher of the Year award at Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry, who relies on ASSISTments Teacher to enhance her current math curricula. 

Immediate Feedback in Daily Math Activities

Nicola uses ASSISTments Teacher alongside the Open Up math curriculum to assign problem sets for cool down activities. During the activity students are encouraged to answer questions to the best of their ability. 

Her favorite part about incorporating ASSISTments Teacher into her classroom is that her students can receive hints and explanations to assist their understanding as they complete their assignments, in addition to the immediate feedback response.

Using Data to Assess Class Performance and Set Improvements

When Nicola begins class the following day, she uses the data found from the cool down assignment to discuss the common misconceptions that were found in her students' work. Nicola uses this as an opportunity to identify where students are having the most problems, and can focus her instruction where students need it most. 

The promise of student learning agency with ASSISTments

Nicola finds that her students benefit the most from the ASSISTments Teacher immediate feedback functionality and the numerous opportunities to respond and try again. Nicola has been able to observe how her students’ mindsets can change when they receive instructional support through feedback, hints, clear explanations and multiple attempts to solve a problem. 

Are you ready to transform your classroom?

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