E-Learning Success: Pro Tips for Optimal Learning with Porch

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With 42% of graduate students preferring e-learning to traditional classrooms and more companies providing employee training online, it’s clear that the world is swiftly shifting towards online education sources. Though accelerated by the recent global circumstances, this trend shows no sign of slowing down due to the flexibility and convenience offered by e-learning.

In a recent article shared by Porch, ASSISTments Co-Founder and Executive Director, Cristina Heffernan, shares how a math teacher can employ effective strategies to facilitate student learning in the context of distance learning.

"Through integration with their Learning Management System (LMS), teachers can seamlessly assign digital tasks and monitor student progress in real-time. ASSISTments stands out by not only providing features that facilitate data-driven teaching but also offering immediate feedback mechanisms, thereby creating an opportunity to nurture students’ math understanding beyond the conventional classroom environment."

Read the full article for additional tips and guidance on how learners and educators can help to optimize the e-learning experience here.

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