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ASSISTments: Enhancing Tutoring to Meet Math Needs of all Students

At ASSISTments, one of our primary goals is to research and develop innovative technologies and practices that can help improve student learning while also leaving a lasting impact on student success. To support our goals, we are currently researching the effects of high-dosage tutoring that is directly aligned to classroom instruction through multiple school-based pilots.

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UPchieve Free On-demand Tutoring for Title 1 High Schools

Through our partnership with UPchieve, ASSISTments teachers in qualifying Title 1 high schools can now enable expert live tutoring for their students.

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Featured Partner - Yup

The ASSISTments team is excited to highlight our partnership with “math teacher multiplier,” Yup. Through this partnership, students in participating teachers’ classrooms can access expert live chat tutoring with the click of a button within their ASSISTments assignment, giving them that extra support they need to achieve success.

What Is Yup?

Yup is a virtual tutoring service that supports students grade 4 and above with unlimited, 24/7 access to expert math tutors and is focused on driving real learning in sessions. Depending on the needs of the student, Yup can supplement classroom-based learning throughout the school day or independent practice at home. 

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How does Yup work with ASSISTments?

Through our partnership, when students use ASSISTments, they can access Yup’s live tutors to get the extra help they need. Students can click the “Chat with a Tutor”  button to instantly chat with a live tutor about whatever is blocking their success. 

Yup Virtual Tutoring - Assistments - Formative Assessment Solutions - Image

Click here to view a demo showing how Yup tutoring works within ASSISTments.

I’m in! How can I get this for my students?

Complete this form to get connected with the team at Yup and learn more!