Homework Research

April 11, 2018

Study Results:

Students learned more when they received immediate feedback on their textbook homework assignment for one night. Students then learned even more when the teacher reviewed the homework the next day using the reports to help drive instruction.

Study Description:

There were two conditions in this study. The control group that received immediate feedback when completing their homework and where the teacher used a report to review the homework. The experimental group that followed a more typical homework routine. These students did not find out the answers to the problems until the next day during the homework review when the teacher put the answers up on the board and reviewed them.

Videos of the two homework reviews:


Data from study

Read the paper: Kelly Y., Heffernan, N., Heffernan, C., Goldman, S., Pellegrino, G. & Soffer, D. (2013). Estimating the Effect of Web-Based Homework. In Lane, Yacef, Motow & Pavlik (Eds) The Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference. Springer-Verlag. pp. 824-827. A longer version is here.


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