Streamline Grading and Personalize Feedback with ASSISTments QUICK Comments

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Providing personalized feedback on open-response questions has always been a time-consuming and challenging task for teachers. However, with the advent of AI-powered tools like ASSISTments’ new QUICK Comments feature, this process has been revolutionized. QUICK Comments enables teachers to deliver tailored feedback and scores to their students effortlessly.

Discover how AI technology is empowering educators to efficiently provide meaningful feedback.

Below is an overview of the key features and benefits of Quick Comments:

1. Efficiency

Traditional grading of open-response questions can be time-consuming, but QUICK Comments automates and speeds up the process. It suggests personalized feedback and scores for teachers to send to students with just a few clicks.

2. Library of Comments

The tool pulls from a library of comments written by real teachers. These comments cover common areas of strengths and areas for improvement, allowing teachers to provide specific and constructive feedback in seconds.

3. Customization

All suggestions from QUICK Comments can be customized for each student. Teachers can override the suggestions to tailor the feedback to the individual student's needs.

4. Adaptive System

The AI system continuously learns and improves based on the feedback and input it receives from teachers. As teachers use the tool more frequently, it becomes better at providing accurate scores and relevant feedback.

5. Time Savings

By using QUICK Comments, teachers can save significant time grading open-response questions. This allows them to provide prompt feedback to students without sacrificing their own personal time.

By leveraging the power of AI, QUICK Comments helps teachers streamline their grading process and provide timely, meaningful feedback to students on open-response questions. It enhances efficiency and supports effective teaching practices.

Click here to see a video demonstrating the use of QUICK Comments. 

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