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What's New (in two!) 2023

Take a look at what’s new! At the end of the year we shared some exciting news about changes we’re making to the student experience, now you can see it for yourself.

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Making Every Kid Both Math-Competent and Math-Confident

How do we make kids both math-competent and math-confident? In a new Psychology Today article from Ulrich Boser, founder of the Learning Agency, discover the importance of teacher-student relationships, growth mindset, and how education technology tools like ASSISTments can help.

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The key to better edtech is better feedback - Smart Brief

The pandemic was a stress test for educational technology, and in many ways, it wasn’t up to the task. But COVID-19 forced edtech to completely replace the classroom experience — decidedly not the role it was designed for. As we return to in-person instruction, edtech can settle back into a more suitable role to supplement and enhance instruction, while, at the same time, drawing some important lessons from the pandemic experience.

As we look into this year and beyond, I anticipate particular growth in feedback systems.

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