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Dr. Neil Heffernan

Co-Founder & Professor of Computer Science

Neil Heffernan is a professor of Computer Science and the co-director of the PhD program in Learning Sciences and Technologies.  He developed ASSISTments not only to help teachers be more effective in the classroom but also so that he could use the platform to conduct studies to improve the quality of education.  He is very passionate about educational data mining.  

Professor Heffernan enjoys supervising WPI students helping them create ASSISTments content and features. Several student projects have resulted in peer-reviewed publications looking at comparing different ways to optimize student learning.  

Professor Heffernan's goal is to give ASSISTments to millions across the US and internationally as a free service.

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A New Nonprofit: The ASSISTments Foundation

A message from Neil Heffernan, introducing a new nonprofit, The ASSISTments Foundation! Building the foundation is an essential step in growing ASSISTments and impacting more students and teachers.

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A Message from the Founder: ASSISTments Gets Top Marks in Federal Review

It is important that educators know which interventions and products actually work. In order to accomplish that goal, the U.S. Department of Education hosts the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC), an institution that evaluates educational interventions to see which work and which are simply flops. Neil Heffernan provides an update about the WWC’s approval of a study that shows the efficacy of ASSISTments.

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