Why Connecting Tutoring to Curriculum Could Make it More Effective

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At ASSISTments, one of our primary goals is to research and develop innovative technologies and practices that can help improve student learning while also leaving a lasting impact on student success.  Currently, we are partnered with tutoring companies and directly with district and state agencies to implement high-impact tutoring that is curriculum-aligned and data-driven.

In a recent EdWeek article, a teacher from Los Angeles highlighted the struggle to understand what ideas students' are finding the most difficult to grasp, and how use of our tutoring materials can help bridge this gap. Our Vice President of Program and Partnerships, Britt Neuhaus, also gave insight on an incoming new feature that will be able to recommend specific practice problems based on students’ abilities and areas of need. The improvements to the ASSISTments platform continues to support our goal for all students to be learning grade-level content.

You can learn more about this new feature and the impact of tutoring here.

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