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5 Tips for Getting Started PDF guide

Tip #1: Message to students and parents that the score from ASSISTments will not be used as a grade. You can modify and send our parent letter template to support this outreach.

Tip #2:  Create a system that ensures students show their work.  You can try using the printable .doc and interactive/virtual .ppt  versions of our Student Reflection Form.

Tip #3:  Make the first assignments low-stakes so students can get to know the system.  You can try using our Student Practice Assignments! (These assignments are located in a folder at the bottom of the Content Library in your ASSISTments account) Learn more about how to use these Practice Assignments here.

Tip #4:  Model a clear protocol for open response questions (e.g. upload a picture, use an online drawing tool, take a screenshot).  Many teachers show the Open Response Student Tutorial to their students.

Tip #5:  Start reviewing assignment data from Day 1.  Build this habit early!  You can check out this video of an ASSISTments teacher reviewing data remotely.

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