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Assign to a Subset of a Class

Teachers have the ability to assign to a subset of any class in ASSISTments. Learn how below or check out this video showing how it works.

To assign to a subset of a class, start by selecting your assignment and clicking the ‘Assign’ button in the bottom right corner to reach the Assign Time Options.

Once you have selected your LMS (Google Classroom or Canvas) and chosen the class you’d like to assign to, you will see the ‘Assignee’ dropdown appear.

Click inside the ‘Assignees’ dropdown to see the student roster for your class.  

Unclick the ‘Select All Students’ checkbox to deselect all students in your class.  You can now select the specific subgroup of students you would like to receive the assignment!

Then, simply click ‘Assign to…’ in the bottom right corner as normal to deliver the assignment to the subgroup of students!

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