Assign to a Subset of a Class

Teachers have the ability to assign to a subset of any class in ASSISTments. Learn how below or check out this video showing how it works.

To assign to a subset of a class, start by selecting the problems you want to assign and clicking the ‘Assign to Class’ button in the bottom right corner to reach the Assign Time Options.

Next, choose the class(es) to which you want to assign problems. 

Once you have chosen the classes to which you would like to assign, you will see the ‘Assignees’ dropdown where you can choose the subset of students in each class to which you would like to assign. 

To choose a subset of students in a class, un-check ‘Select All Students’, then check the subset of students to whom you want to assign. 

Then, click ‘Next’ to finish choosing your Assign Time options and assign the problems to your students!

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