Create an Account with Canvas

Requirements for using ASSISTments with Canvas:

  • Institutional Canvas account (as opposed to individual free teacher account)
  • Set up in Canvas as a teacher of the class to which you wish to assign
  • Your Canvas Administrator for your school or district account has completed these steps and provided you with the URL or common name for your account.

Go to

1. Select “Sign Up”

2. Select “Canvas”

3. Provide the URL or Common Name for your Canvas account (provided by your Canvas administrator) & click Log in

4. Click 'Authorize'

5. This window will appear and you will need to click, “Create a new account” (even if you already have an ASSISTments 2.0 account)

6. Once you’re logged into ASSISTments for the first time, you will be prompted to find your school using the zip code and enter your grade and curriculum information.  If your school is not listed or your are not affiliated with a school.  Choose the appropriate option under the box (a).  If you do not know or have your grade and curriculum information, click ‘Skip and Get Started’ (b) to enter your ASSISTments account. 

7. You will now be logged into your ASSISTments account!  Click your name in the top right corner, click ‘Import/Sync’, then ‘Import’ to choose and import the classes you would like to assign to. 

Click here to learn more about how to Create an Assignment!

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