How to Get Verified as a Teacher in Google Classroom

If you see this message in ASSISTments it means you are not verified as a teacher in ASSISTments. 

Here is detailed support for the 4 remedies:

  1. Having more than one google account can be a real problem online.  We recommend you use Chrome and then sign in with different profiles. This will create a separate Chrome instance for each of your google accounts and so you do not have to worry about which account you are logged into. 
  1. Get invited by another ASSISTments Teacher.  To invite you to receive a teacher role in ASSISTments, another ASSISTments teacher must generate an invite code for you:

        a. First, the teacher will need to click their name in the top right corner of their ASSISTments account and click         ‘Settings.’

        b. Then, on the ‘Account Settings’ page, they will click the ‘Generate Invite Codes’ button in the bottom right corner of         the screen.

        c. Here, you can enter the email addresses of all of the teachers to whom you’d like to give a teacher role (one per text         box). When all emails have been listed, the teacher clicks the “Generate Invite Code” button. 

        d. Another pop-up will appear, showing the invite code.  You can now copy that code and send it to teachers for         whom you want to grant a teacher role in ASSISTments.  Note, it will only work for teachers whose emails were         included in step 3.

        e. Steps for Teachers who Receive an Invitation Code

                i. Go to and click ‘Sign-Up’ and log in with your teacher email/password credential.  

                ii. Teachers without a teacher role will then click their name in the top right corner, and click ‘Settings.’

                iii. In the bottom right corner of the ‘Account Settings’ screen, click ‘How To Get a Teacher Role.’

                iv. Enter the invite code and click ‘Submit Code.’ Then, click ‘Close’ to return to the ‘Account Settings’ page.

                v. You can confirm that you have a teacher role in the ‘User Roles’ section of the ‘Account Settings’ page.

3. Teachers who are designated as teachers by their G Suite Administrator in their school or district Google Classroom account automatically are verified as teachers when they sign-up. The easiest way to get verified as a teacher is to have your school or district’s G Suite Administrator designate you as a teacher. They can do so by following these instructions.  

4. Reach out to ASSISTments support ( so that they can verify you as a teacher.  Please supply us with one of the following in your email to verify you as a teacher:

        a. A picture of your school ID

        b. A link to your the staff page on the school website where you are listed

        c. Some other form of proof that you are a teacher

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