I want to link to an ASSISTments assignment for my students in an external document (for example a slide deck or a hyper doc). Can I do this?

Yes. You can link assignments you have created within ASSISTments in other external documents. We know this is useful, as sometimes you want your students to be able to access the assignment in a different environment (like a hyperdoc). It is important to keep in mind that only students who have been assigned that assignment will be able to access and view the assignment link. It does not become a link open to any student.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to ASSISTments.org and create an assignment via your LMS (Google or Canvas). Assign to all of the students and classes that you wish to be able to access the link (from within the LMS or in an external document)

2) Go to the ASSISTments assignment link within your LMS (Google or Canvas). Right click on the link to copy the link, then paste the link within the external document. (Do not attempt to copy any links directly from ASSISTments.org)

Note: If a student tries to click an ASSISTments link for a class in which they are not enrolled (on the roster in your LMS), they will reach an error screen and be unable to proceed.

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