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What Is PLACEments?

PLACEments is an external tool powered by ASSISTments skill builders and a powerful prerequisite map of the common core state standards. Teachers launch a PLACEments assignment by selecting a few standards to test. Students take a test that includes problems for those standards and if they get them wrong the pre-requisite standards. Then students are assigned a playlist of skill builders that matches the problems they got wrong. 

Currently Teachers must use PLACEments with an associated Google Classroom class as assignments will be streamed to the classroom. 

Why Use PLACEments?

  • Quickly gather concrete data on student proficiency with a selected set of math skills. 
  • Efficiently assign practice on prerequisite skills
  • Easy to use reports to assess students on skills

How it works 

PLACEments is a service that runs alongside ASSISTments that: 

  • The teacher select initial skills that the students need to master.
  • Students take an initial test on those chosen skills and any pre-requisite skills there is one question per skill chosen.
  • PLACEments schedules remediation (skill builders) on all initial and pre-requisite skills that the student got wrong
  • The teacher gets a detailed class and student-level report of students’ progress in the test as well as their performance in the remediation skillbuilder assignments.

Get started now. Go here for instructions.

Please access this slide deck for information about PLACEments.  

If you have any questions, please contact PLACEments lead engineer, Seth Adjei via email at

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