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QUICK- Comments Beta

What is the QUICK- Comments feature in ASSISTments?

The QUICK- Comments feature uses A.I. to suggest personalized immediate feedback & scores to teachers to send to their students. The feedback is used to grade student answers to open response questions.  Current math curriculum asks students to explain their thinking 3 to 4 times on each night's homework, but teachers often don't have time to give detailed feedback on these problems. This feature allows ASSISTments to help in the scoring and feedback given to students for open-response questions in addition to  giving automatic feedback on multiple choice or fill in the blank problems.


To view a video from Anthony Botelho (Researcher) demonstrating the use of QUICK- Comments, click here

Try the Beta version of QUICK- Comments

Teachers who assign open response questions from all grades  are currently being recruited to use  the QUICK- Comments feature. 

The more teachers who use the feature the better the A.I. that drives the QUICK- Comments feature becomes. 

Click here to join the QUICK- Comments Beta! Start being more efficient giving feedback to your students!

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