Redo for Teacher Support

If a problem has the following symbol next to it, then the option to assign a redo problem is available. 

Currently redo is available for:

When assigning be sure to select the redo option, as a note, if this isn’t selected the redo functionality will not automatically appear for the students.

The teacher’s assignment report have "Redo" if problems were completed using this functionality. The report will be updated to show which students received similar problems and their performance on those problems as well.

Here is what they symbols means for Redo.

When looking at the report, with students worked on a redo problem you will be able to see both the original and redo score when expanding the column.

You will also be able to see this information on the “Student Detail Report” although they are not indicated as redo problems.

Scoring for redo problems are broken down as follows:


Redo is not available for open response problems. When enabled, if a student gets a problem incorrect on the first try, when that problem is complete, they will be given a similar problem to try.  Once the student has completed the similar problem, ASSISTments will take the better score, and your assignment report will include both scores.

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