Set-Up Your Canvas Integration (Steps for Canvas Account Admins)

There are several steps Canvas administrators need to take in order for ASSISTments to work with Canvas.


This link brings you to the website pictured, which helps Canvas administrators generate the developer key for ASSISTments

From here you can (numbers correspond to image above):

  1. Copy the Redirect URI 
  2. Copy the Icon URL
  3. See what scopes that ASSISTments needs for teachers and students to allow it to work with Canvas

You will need all of this information to generate the developer key so keep this page open until it’s time to click “Next” (later in these directions).


  1. Use this Canvas page to learn how to set up a developer key.
  2. Once you’ve read the instructions, you can use the information from Step 1 to create the developer key for ASSISTments (see arrow 2 in image above).

Adding Scopes to Your ASSISTments Developer Key (numbers correspond to images above and below)

1) Click “+ Developer Key” and “API Key” to set up the new Developer Key for ASSISTments.

2) Make sure that you turn on “Enforce Scopes.”

3) Use the search bar or scroll to find the correct endpoints.
For example,  you will find the following scope under the “Courses” tab: url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:id

4.) Once you find the correct scope, check the box on the left

5.) Make sure that the type of access listed on the right matches the scopes we provide.  For example, the following scope must have “Get” access: url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:id

Finding the Client ID and Client Key

In the tab of your Canvas admin account where you manage developer keys (numbers correspond to image above):

  1. The Client ID for ASSISTments is the visible number in the “Details” column.
  2. The Client Key can be found by clicking “Show Key.”


Click “Next” on the screen from STEP 1 above.


Enter this data (numbers correspond to image above):

  1. The Canvas Login URL for your institution
  2. The Common Name teachers can use to refer to your institution
  3. The Client ID generated by you for ASSISTments 
  4. The Client Key generated by you for ASSISTments
  5. Your email in case ASSISTments needs to be in contact

Click on register and you are done!

ASSISTments is successfully installed if the Canvas administrator sees this message pop-up after installing

Share Canvas information with teachers

Once you have installed ASSISTments, the next step is to let your teachers know the Canvas Login URL and the Common Name you have set up.

Please make sure that all teachers that wish to use ASSISTments with Canvas have either:

  • Canvas Login URL
  • Common Name for your institution

If you still need help, email support at:

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