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Student Details Report

What is the purpose of the report?

This report shows you an individual student’s data, and includes additional details beyond the assignment report, such as the exact number of attempts and time they spent on each problem in the assignment. 

How do I view the report?

Access the student details report from within the assignment report, by clicking any student’s name.

How do I interpret the report? 

The below visual highlights key aspects of the report.

a. Allows you to scroll to different students or select a specific student

b. The option to view the individual problems the student was responding to.

c. The time and date the student began the problem 

d. The time that passed between problems

e. Amount of time since the last action (and thus how long the student spent on that particular attempt)

Note:  Red indicates the student input the wrong answer for that problem. Yellow indicates they requested a hint or to see the answer. Green means the student entered the correct answer.

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