Student Supports

Student Supports refer to any and all help offered to students in the Student Experience of ASSISTments.  Student Supports come in the form of:

  • Show Hint - will give a student a teacher written hint to help move them in the direction of being able to answer the problem. A hint does not give the answer to the problem. A hint will reduce a student’s score on that problem by 33%.
  • Show Explanation - will give students a full explanation of the solution to the problem in either written or video format and include the correct answer. If a student selects Show Explanation they will be marked incorrect on this problem and receive a score of 0%.
  • Show Answer - will simply give students the correct answer to the problem. If a student selects Show Answer they will be marked incorrect on this problem and receive a score of 0%.

Note: Learning Science Research is an important part of ASSISTments’ practice in building amazing learning experiences for students. One way we do this is to conduct research in the ASSISTments platform. Currently we are running a study that examines the effectiveness of various types of student supports - hints, explanations, and video. Your students may each see different supports for the same problem. Hints and Explanations are currently available for Grades 6-8 IM, Open Up, ENY and Utah Math)

In the Student View, students will (a) see a button in the bottom right corner of the problem allowing them to access the support.  Once clicked, the hint, explanation, or answer will appear below the problem body (b).

If a student uses multiple hints within a problem, they are now stacked and have the ability to be collapsed. 

Note:  Students are now able to send feedback on hints. They will need to click the "Was this helpful?" link which will prompt them to email

Note:  For video supports, if a student is unable to view the video, the can click the ‘Can’t See Video’ button which will revert the student’s score to what it was prior to accessing the support and provide the student with a new set of supports. 

This feature is on by default.  To turn it off for all future assignments, go to Settings, by clicking on your name in the upper-right hand corner of ASSISTments (see picture) 

Once in Settings, go to the Feature Settings page and you will see the toggle to turn Student Supports on and off (see picture below).  Uncheck the box next to ‘Enable Student Supports’ (a) and click ‘Save’ (b).  

Note, once this setting is changed, it will impact all assignments made after the setting was changed.

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