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Understanding Your Child's Performance in ASSISTments

This resource overviews how you, as the parent or guardian, can support and understand your child’s performance while they complete their ASSISTments assignments and after they’re finished. 

  1. How to access your student’s ASSISTments assignment in either Google Classroom or Canvas.  

    2. In both cases, students will click on the assignment in Google or Canvas, then click the embedded link that takes         them to ASSISTments where they complete their assignment.  

Note:  While students will have to click “Create a New Account” the first time they click one of our links, they will not have to log into our system to access their assignments.  In addition, Canvas students may have to click “Authorize” to proceed to the assignment after clicking the link.

  1. It’s important to understand the Student View your child will experience while completing their assignment.  Features of the Student View:

        a. A progress tracker on the left showing the symbol your child received for each completed question and the number             of problems completed.

        b. The individual problem your child is working on in the center of the screen.

        c. The answer field where your child can input their answers 

        d. The progress bar which tracks your child’s score on the question they’re working on.

        e. The “Show Answer” button if your child is stuck and needs to move on.  Note:  If your child is assigned problems             from Illustrative Math, Grade 7, they will also have the option to view Student Supports in the form of Hints or             Explanations prior to seeing the Show Answer button.  

  1. As students make attempts on each question, their screen will change as seen below.

  1. Here is an explanation of the symbols your child will see in the progress tracker as they enter their answers in ASSISTments.

  1. When your child has finished their ASSISTments assignment, they will arrive at the Student Report.  

        a. Here, they can see their overall score of the assignment, their scores on individual problems, and the class average             score for each problem.  

        b. In addition, students can hover over each row in the first column to see the question they answered.  

        c. When teachers leave feedback on open responses, your child will also see the score and teacher feedback for the             open response as seen below.

  1. Additional information:

        a. If the assignment your child is completing is particularly challenging, or they did not put forth their best effort and             they need additional help, contact their teacher for guidance.

        b. ASSISTments assignments are automatically “turned in” when a student finishes and sees the Student Report (if             they do not get to the Student Report screen it may not show as turned in to the teacher) so parents can track             completed assignments through Canvas or Google Classroom.  When a teacher leaves feedback on your child’s             open response answers, they can always click the same link again to see the teacher's feedback in the Student             Report.

        c. If your child reaches an error screen and is unable to complete their assignment, please feel free to reach out to us             at contact@assistments.org and, if possible, include a screenshot of what your child is seeing.  Here is a handy             resource that overviews how to take a screenshot on any device.

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