Uploading Scores to Google Classroom or Canvas

You can upload scores from any ASSISTments Assignment Report or Skillbuilder report to the gradebook in Google Classroom or Canvas.  

Uploading Scores from the Assignment Report

  1. In the Assignment Report, click the triple-dot in the top right corner of the Detailed Report.
  1. You can then click the option to Upload Scores to Google Classroom or Canvas.

The Skillbuilder Report

Note: if a student has successfully completed a Skillbuilder, their data will show a 100% score in the downloaded report.  All other students who have not finished will show a 0% score.

  1. In the Skillbuilder Report, click the ‘Actions’ dropdown in the top right corner and select.

      Google Classroom:


  1. You will be prompted to confirm whether you would like to upload scores.  To do so, click the “Upload Scores button.” 

      Note: If you have previously uploaded scores for this assignment, doing so again will replace any existing scores. This is useful if you have new students complete the       assignment, or you have since graded open-response questions and wish for that to be represented in the score. Be aware that if you edited the scores in Google       Classroom uploading scores a second time will write over those edits. 

  1. Once scores have been uploaded to Google Classroom or Canvas, a green message will appear at the top of your assignment report that says, “Success!  Scores have been posted to Google Classroom/Canvas.” 

  1. In Canvas, scores will now automatically appear in the Gradebook.  In Google Classroom, you can now edit/change any student scores as needed by going to the “Student Work” tab in the assignment in Google Classroom.

      5. Select the “turned in” checkbox to select all students, then click “Return”. This will publish the scores in your Google Classroom gradebook and make the scores available to your students (Note, students who have not yet started or completed the assignment will not have a score).  Once you have “turned in” scores, students will be able to see their score as they would see any assignment grade in Google Classroom.

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