Viewing My Assignments

To see a list of all assignments you have assigned, click “My Assignments” on the left side of your screen. By default, you will see a comprehensive list of all your assignments in order from most recently assigned.

Your assignments can be filtered by class or status. You can also sort by date. 

Filter by Class

Filter by Status

Sort By:

There are two actions you can do for any assignment. You can click on the report symbol to access the report or select from an action in the triple dot menu. 

Click on the triple dot to the right of the assignment title to find addition options:

  1. Edit Assignment - Change/modify the title of the assignment and edit release/due dates as long as they have not yet passed.
  2. Reassign - Create a new copy of the assignment and select new assign-time options.
  3. Print Assignment - Create a printable PDF version of the assignment. 
  4. Preview as Student - A new window will open with the problem set in student view. You will  see what the student sees and run through the problem.
  5. Delete Assignment - Delete the existing assignment. 

If you click on the assignment you will see the option to ‘View Report’, details including the fraction of students who completed the assignment, the total number of problems, the selected release and due dates as well as the standards assigned to the problems in the problem set. 

Note:  If the assignment is a Skillbuilder and you click ‘View Report’ you will see the Skillbuilder Report, not the regular Assignment Report.

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