What do I do if I'm getting a blank/white screen when trying to sign into ASSISTments?

You should be able to resolve this issue by doing the following troubleshooting options. Follow troubleshooting options by reading the directions below or watching this video.

  1. Try a reload of the webpage by holding down Ctrl+Shift+R (Window) or Cmd+Shift+R (Mac).  If this does not allow the page to load correctly, trying the option below.

  1. Try clearing the cache in your internet browser. You can clear the browser cache by following the brief instructions for the browser you use on this webpage. If this does not allow the page to load correctly and you are using Google Chrome as a browser, try the option below.

  1. Try going to chrome://serviceworker-internals and searching the page for app.assistments.org. You can search using Ctrl+F (Window) or Cmd+F (Mac). Once you find app.assistments.org  service worker, click "unregister". Then try signing back into ASSISTments. As a note, if you cannot unregister or there is no button, make sure they close all of their app.assistments.org tabs.

If you continue to experience issues after completing these options, take a screenshot and send it to us, along with any descriptive information to contact@assistments.org.

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