When my students are answering the questions, they have the option to click "Show Answer." Is there an option to take this out?

Unfortunately, no (with one exception. See below*). The "Show Answer" button is a way for students to progress with their assignment when they are stuck, by revealing and allowing them to submit the correct answer. Please note we make it very obvious when a student has pressed show answer. The student's score on that question automatically drops to 0% and that student's response will be highlighted in bright yellow in the assignment report.

We recommend messaging to students that they should only press "show answer" if they are truly stuck and need to move onto the next problem. If you are seeing students misusing the button, we recommend a conversation to message expectations, and then letting the student try again (you can do this by clicking on the triple dot next to the student name from the assignment report and selecting "delete progress")

*Note that the "Show Answer" button does not appear when an assessment is set in Test Mode. This applies to all Illustrative Math, Open Up Resources, and Engage NY/Eureka Math assessments as well as any problem set you've assigned in Test Mode.

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