3 Must Have Features for Your Next District EdTech Tool

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As the education landscape continues to shift, more and more schools and districts are discovering the benefits of utilizing an education technology tool to boost efficiency and drive positive outcomes.

As the education landscape continues to shift, more and more schools and districts are discovering the benefits of utilizing an education technology tool to boost efficiency and drive positive outcomes.  Already a trusted resource in countless classrooms, ASSISTments Teacher empowers educators to make informed decisions about student learning needs. The next question district and school leaders ask is how to extend the value of ASSISTments Teacher. The answer is simple: ASSISTments Advantage. This comprehensive school and district solution provides critical data and support to teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators. 

Here are the top 3 features included in ASSISTments Advantage that make it a necessary addition to your district toolbox.

Feature 1: Direct Support in Implementation Planning

Adopting a district tool that includes support in implementation planning ensures that your existing data practices are aligned with future goals. ASSISTments Advantage connects schools and districts with a dedicated School Success Manager to guide the development of your Personalized Implementation Roadmap. Whether the goal is implementing a new curriculum, addressing gaps in student learning, or targeting high-impact standards for intervention, the School Success Manager will help design a roadmap that lays out how ASSISTments will support.  In addition, district and school leadership receive access to regular updates on progress toward goals based on teacher and student activity data in ASSISTments. 

Feature 2: Immediate, actionable data with the Insights Hub

Districts and schools often lack access to the kind of real time data they need to measure progress towards yearly goals on a regular basis. It can be challenging for instructional leaders to have a clear pulse, at any given moment, on whether the math curriculum is being successfully implemented in classrooms. ASSISTments Advantage provides instructional leaders with access to the Insights Hub, a data dashboard that allows you to monitor curriculum implementation at the teacher and student levels in real time. This data provides an accurate view of what is and isn't working - creating an opportunity to easily identify the needs of teachers and students. In addition, the dedicated School Success Manager helps instructional leaders build capacity in understanding the data and analyzing trends to develop next steps.

Feature 3: Customized Teacher Support and Instructional Leader Coaching 

With customized support from a dedicated School Success Manager can make adopting an edtech tool less overwhelming. It can often be challenging for teachers to manage usage of different required tech tools given limited class time and curriculum pacing. Through regular check-ins and resource sharing, School Success Managers help teachers determine how to best fit ASSISTments into their existing classroom routines and make the most of the real-time data they receive while still adhering to district mandates around the usage of technology.  Our approach to teachers and instructional leaders isn’t a ‘one size fits all.'

“Many teacher-facing people at edtech companies robotically push using their product or platform as much as possible, our SSM truly listens to the needs of our students and the context of our school. Then, he provides insightful and actionable ways that ASSISTments can add value to our students' learning. Because of his style, we have been able to incorporate ASSISTments in ways that have actually boosted students' achievement, rather than just added to our routine.” - Ariel Aggarwal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Esperanza Academy

Instructional Leader Coaching provides leaders with the necessary tools and tactics that can support analyzing data trends to plan effective action steps for additional teacher support.

So there you have it! Three critical elements of a district data solution that we’re confident will support the needs of a district of any size. Interested in learning more? Check out the details here or see for yourself by requesting a demo!

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