Build Students Math Problem Solving Skills with Supplemental Practice

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Finding the right tools to enhance classroom instruction and meet the diverse needs of students is crucial for student success. ASSISTments Teacher stands out as a powerful supplemental math practice tool, offering teachers the ability to customize their teaching approach and ensuring success for every student. 

If you’re looking for a supplemental practice tool, considering using ASSISTments for:

  • Building your own custom standards aligned practice sets
  • Assigning practice tests to help students prepare for state exams
  • Targeted or independent practice with Skill Builders

Below are a few of the different ways you can leverage the free content available in the ASSISTments to increase your students' math problem solving skills. 

Versatile Content Customization

One of the standout features of ASSISTments Teacher is the ability to easily complement any core or intervention curriculum. Whether you're looking to reinforce specific concepts, provide additional challenges, or offer targeted support, ASSISTments Teacher empowers you to build your own problem sets from a vast content library of over 200,000 problems.

Effortless Content Discovery and Assignment

ASSISTments Teacher provides multiple options for finding and assigning content, making it a versatile tool to address all of your students learning needs:

  • Search by Curriculum, Grade, and Unit: Easily locate problems that align with your current curriculum, ensuring seamless integration with your ongoing lessons.
  • Search by Common Core Standard/Description: Target specific standards to reinforce or assess, ensuring your students are on track with their learning objectives.
  • Create Custom Problem Sets: Tailor assignments to fit the unique needs of your classroom, whether you're focusing on a specific topic or catering to different learning levels.
  • Assign Directly Through Your LMS: Streamline the assignment process by integrating your LMS so you can assign math problems to your entire class, or to a subset of students for additional practice. 
  • Flexible Assignment Modes: Choose between formative practice or summative test modes, allowing you to assess student progress dynamically.

Adaptable Curriculum Integration

ASSISTments Teacher's curriculum and content are designed to be flexible and adaptable to various teaching strategies:

  • Supplement Your Curriculum: Enhance your existing curriculum with additional standards-aligned problems for more practice
  • Mix and Match Content: Explore over 200,000 problems in the content library from open-source curricula to create a diverse range of assignments from Illustrative Mathematics, Open Up Resources and Eureka Math (EngageNY)
  • Intervention Support: Assign practice problems targeting specific common core standards to students who require additional intervention, ensuring that every learner receives the support they need

ASSISTments Teacher is more than just a tool; it's a dynamic companion for educators seeking to create an inclusive and effective math learning environment. With its versatile mix and match content capabilities, effortless assignment options, and adaptable curriculum integration, ASSISTments Teacher is your key to making success achievable for every student in your classroom.

Learn more about ASSISTments Teacher here.

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