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Eureka math (also known as EngageNY) is designed to help students build enduring math knowledge. By digitizing the student facing materials, ASSISTments makes it possible for teachers to give their students individual feedback and timely scoring - all simultaneously. When combining Eureka Math with a formative assessment math platform like ASSISTments, teachers receive the benefits of assigning online and gaining access to real time learning data to drive instruction. Last year ASSISTments users created over 300,000 assignments with Eureka to help build students' math knowledge and skills. The ability to create assignments that align with Eureka’s written content allows teachers to easily monitor student learning as they progress through modules.  In this blog, we’ll share how you too can combine Eureka with ASSISTments to build visibility in your students' math learning progress.

Build Success in Your Student’s Skills Mastery with Eureka Math’s Fluency Supports and Sprints

Eureka Math describes fluency practice NOT as the memorization of rote math facts, but rather the ability for  students to quickly & accurately compute simple calculations. ASSISTments digitized fluency practice and sprints provides immediate feedback and assesses students in real time to determine next steps for individual growth. Fluency Practice and Sprints give students the opportunity to demonstrate their deepened understanding of number sense through repetitive practice. 

Eureka Math Fluency Supports and Sprints are available in ASSISTments in Grades 1 - 8. Teachers can determine the student experience based on their classroom needs: 

  • Assign in Test Mode to provide a summative experience, allowing teachers to assess quickness and accuracy, with no feedback.

  • Assign in Practice Mode which provides students with immediate feedback as they complete their problems, giving them the opportunity to work through their mistakes.

TRY IT: Try assigning a Fluency Support or Sprint problem set aligned to the lesson you’re currently working on. Brainstorm which Assign Time Options make the most sense for your needs (Test Mode/Practice Mode, Timed Assignment)  

Quickly Identify Student Learning Gaps using Eureka Math Diagnostic Assessments

Many schools use benchmark or quarterly assessment to diagnose learning gaps and track student success. At ASSISTments, we know that timely data is important so that students' needs are addressed in a regular and consistent way. 

ASSISTments has digitized all of Eureka Math’s Mid-Modules and End-of-Unit Module Assessments. Additionally, we offer the suite of Eureka Math Diagnostic Assessments created by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). These diagnostic assessments are available in Grades 1 through Algebra I and are organized by Module and Topics. Assigning the Eureka Math Diagnostics prior to starting a new topic will highlight specific topics/standards that need reteaching or review so that new material is more accessible to students.

TRY IT: Assign an Eureka Math Diagnostic assessment through ASSISTments before starting your next topic. When you identify prerequisite standards that need reteaching before starting a new topic, try assigning Skill Builders - mastery based problem sets that target specific common core standards

Drive Your Instruction with Exit Tickets

Eureka Math’s Exit Tickets are designed to be quick formative assessments to help teachers make instructional decisions timely and effectively. Teachers have reported that a common challenge is the time required to score student work in order to make the instructional shirts.

When assigned through ASSISTments, most problems are automatically scored, saving the teacher time. For problems that do not lend themselves to automatic scoring, teachers can view student work and (optionally), score and leave individualized feedback. With the data available on the Assignment Report, teachers can easily make adjustments to their instruction plans to ensure success for all students based on individual or whole class student work.

TRY IT: Try assigning an Exit Ticket at the end of your next lesson. As a bonus, Redo problems are available for Exit Tickets Grade 5 through Algebra 1. 

If your school has adopted Eureka Math, consider applying the tips above to further amplify your students' learning progress. With ASSISTments Teacher, you get access to high quality content and the ease of assigning directly online. Plus, it’s always free for teachers!

Learn more about how ASSISTments can enhance your Eureka Math curriculum here.

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