October 2020 ASSISTments Product Update

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The latest ASSISTments product update adds the functionality to download Assignment Reports, upload scores to Google Classroom, and assign the teacher role to other teachers.

The latest release of ASSISTments adds 3 exciting new features for teachers. To implement these features in your classroom, read the release notes below, see it in action in this demo video, or visit our user resources for more support.

For both Google Classroom & Canvas users:

  1. Download an Assignment Report as a CSV file
    Every assignment report now has an Action button at the top right corner that allows users to download that assignment report. Teachers can use this new functionality to upload the data to other platforms, print the report, or reformat the information. 

Click here to learn how it works. 

For Google Classroom users:

  1. Upload scores to Google Classroom
    Teachers can now upload scores from the assignment report directly to Google Classroom. This allows teachers to take the score students get from their ASSISTments assignment, modify as they see fit within the Google Classroom gradebook, and push out to students.

Click here to learn how it works. 

  1. Teachers can grant other teachers, the teacher role
    Want to help a friend or colleague get started with ASSISTments quickly? You can now grant other Google Classroom teachers the teacher role in ASSISTments. 

Check out this user resource to learn about this new ability, and in general how to become a verified teacher in ASSISTments.

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