Assignment Report in Test Mode

To review how to access the Assignment Report and its basic elements, please click here

While the Assignment Report for an assignment delivered in Test Mode and Practice Mode are mostly the same, there are a few key differences. 

  1. In Practice Mode, in addition to getting it right on the first try (100%), students are given partial credit (67%, 33%) for getting it correct eventually. In Test Mode, students will be limited to receiving a score of 100% or 0%, as there will only be one attempt. In the resulting assignment report, you will see that students either answered correctly (green) or incorrectly (pink). Assignments in test mode will only show orange if an open response is scored less than 100%

  1. Because students are only giving one response, you will only see “Attempt 1” when you click on the colored chips in the Detailed Report.

  1. On the Student Details Report, you will also only see one attempt for each problem, colored green for correct or red for incorrect.


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