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The Student Experience Completing an Assignment in Practice Mode

Assignments will appear to students as embedded links in Google Classroom or Canvas assignments.  However, this will look a bit different depending on which LMS you use. 

  1. Student will access their ASSISTments assignment through their LSM (Google Classroom/Canvas)

    a.    In the Google Classroom Stream, students can click any ASSISTments assignment, go to the Instructions tab,                then click the embedded link.  Students can also go to the Classwork tab, click any ASSISTments assignment, and        a dropdown will appear with the embedded link.  Finally, they click the embedded link to access the problems for        the assignment.

        b.   In Canvas, students click the Assignments tab (1), then click on an ASSISTments assignment where you will see                 the embedded ASSISTments link (2) to access the problems for the assignment.

2.  The assignment link will take students to the first problem in their assignment. Students will get immediate feedback as they submit answers.

3. In the Student View, 

      a.  Students get multiple attempts to answer the question. The green score bar adjusts based on the number of            attempts they make. 

      b.  Students eventually must enter the correct answer to move to the next problem. If they get stuck they can choose            “Show Answer.” 

4. Students can track their progress as they go, and see how many problems they have left to complete.

5. After completing an assignment, students will see a report with their score and results. They can see:

          a. The class average

          b. Whether or not they asked for a hint for each problem

         c. The problem by hovering over the Problem ID

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