Assign Time Options

Setting Assign Time Options 

Step 1: Select all the problems in a problem set by leaving the box above all problems (a) checked or choose a selection of problems by unchecking (a) and check off the boxes (b) located in each problem box.  Then, click Assign to Class (c) in the lower right hand corner.

Step 2:  Assign-Time Options

  1. When you click ‘Assign to Class’, you will first be shown the Assignment Options.  
  2. (optional) Edit the assignment name. 
  3. Select the class(es) to which you would like to assign problems. 
  4. The first time you use ASSISTments (or if you want to update the ASSISTments database with any roster changes), click “Import/Sync” to import and/or update the classes and rosters that already exist in your LMS.
  5. (optional) Choose your assignees if assigning to a subset of a class. 
  6. (optional)  Setting a Release or Due Date.  Note: if you don’t set a release date, the assignment link will appear in your LMS immediately; if you set a due date, students will still be able to complete the assignment but will be marked as late in your Assignment Report.
  7. When you are finished choosing Assignment Options, click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  8. Choose your Student Experience options. 
  9. Problem Order - You can modify the order in which students answer problems. Linear Order: Problems will appear in the order in which they appear in the problem set. Random Order: Each student will get the problems in a different random order. Student Choice: Students will see all problems in the assignment and can then select the order in which they complete them. Click here to learn more about the student experience with student choice.  
  10. (optional) Turn on Test Mode.  Click here to learn more about Test Mode.
  11. (optional) Set Time Limit. Click here to learn more about Timers.
  12. (optional) Redo. Click here to learn more about Redo
  13. Student Score Delivery - Choose whether you want Student Reports to show only Success Symbols or if you’d also like students to see the Score and Class Average as well. 

Step 3: When finished with assign-time options, press Assign to Class.

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