Key Settings

To access your settings in ASSISTments, click your name in the top right corner of the screen when logged into ASSISTments.  You will then see the option to Import/Sync (1) as well as access all other Settings (2).

The Import/Sync option allows you to import new classes (3) or synchronize existing classes (4) to reflect updates to your class rosters or remove archived/deleted classes from your class list.  

When you click Settings and go to Feature Settings, you will see options for Test Mode (5), Student Supports (6), and Student Score Delivery Default (7).  

For Test Mode, you can Enable Test Mode at Assign-Time so that you have the ability to assign problems in Test Mode.  You can also choose to deliver Student Reports at the end of assignments assigned in Test Mode.  Note:  the default setting is to not deliver Student Reports.

For Student Supports, you can allow students to access Student Supports as they complete problems in Practice Mode.  Click here to learn more about Student Supports.  

For Student Score Delivery Default, you can choose whether you would like students to receive only Success Symbols (recommended) or you would like them to also receive their numerical scores and class average scores for each problem.  Click here to learn more about the Student Report. 

If you modify any Settings, be sure to click Save Changes before exiting the Settings page.

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