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To create an account:

1. Enter the ASSISTments platform.
2. Select sign-in in the the upper right hand corner and follow the series of handshakes with Google Classroom to connect your account. Or, you can first find the content you would like to assign and click the Assign to Google Classroom button to connect your Google Classroom account and create your account in ASSISTments.
3. You will be asked to complete two sets of handshakes with Google.
4. You can then import your classes from Google Classroom.
5. If you are not designated as a Teacher by your school's administrator, we may need to validate your account manually.

create an assignment

In order to create your first assignment:

1. Find the content you want to assign from within ASSISTments or from the Explore Content page on the website. We offer curricula that are open source and available for free to teachers as well as custom problem sets built by ASSISTments. If you select textbook content note that the problems in ASSISTments are page and problem number references only and you will need the textbook to see the actual problems.
2. Navigate to your desired problem set by selecting the grade level, unit and problem set.
3. Select all problems or choose only the ones you want to assign.
4. Click the Assign to Google Classroom button at the top of the screen.
5. Choose the class(es) to which you are assigning, designate release and due dates, and complete your assignment.

the Student experience

Students can access the assignment in the Google Classroom stream or classwork tabs.

1. Students click on the link next to the ASSISTments logo to start the assignment, opening up a new tab in their browser.
2. Questions will be delivered one at a time to students.
3. The left pane shows the number of problems in the assignment and tracks student performance.
4. The bar on the right side of the screen tracks partial credit and features a show answer button.
5. Students can show work by adding links, or uploading images or videos to their answers.

review outcomes

The assignment report allows teachers to use student performance to inform classroom instruction.

1. Teachers can access the assignment report in their Google Classroom stream or classwork tabs
2. Clicking on the assignment displays the report. Clicking the question ID will display the question
3. Assignment and question performance average, common wrong answers, and percent of students who selected the common wrong answer are shown
4. The report tracks individual student performance on each question either by name or as anonymized lines
5. Teachers can add comments and assign a score on open response questions

Assignment Reports

Where to find assignment reports:

How to read assignment reports:

skill builder reports

Where to find skill builder reports:

How to read skill builder reports:

student detail reports

Where to find student detail reports:

How to read student detail reports:

Upcoming workshops

Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion from The ASSISTments Foundation.
All times are shown in Eastern Time.

Distance Learning and Instruction

Is your class transitioning to a distance learning environment? We know that new learning environments come with a lot of big questions, firsts, challenges and opportunities. In this webinar, we will offer guidance for getting your class, students and parents acclimated to a remote classroom, share tips and tools, and give you best practices for how to use ASSISTments to help your kids succeed with distance learning.

Drop In Help Session: Distance Learning and the ASSISTments Community
April 6, 2020 2:00 PM

Drop in to our Help Session with a question or problem of practice around using ASSISTments to support distance learning. ASSISTments staff will be on hand to respond to questions, and we'll create space to connect with and hear from other users as well. Recommended as follow-up for those who have attended one of our Distance Learning Webinars, but all are welcome!

Building Personalized Content with ASSISTments
April 15, 2020 3:15 PM

ASSISTments allows teachers to write their own content to share with students. Our “builder” gives you the ability to author content and tailor practice problems to the needs of your classes. Transform worksheets, exit tickets, HW assignments, or warm-ups into digital assignments and give students feedback as they complete their work. You'll receive data reports so you can keep track of student outcomes.

self-paced Modules
Become an ASSISTments superuser in no time.
Author: Freepik

Getting Started

Set up your account, connect to Google Classroom, and learn the basics of ASSISTments.

Author: Freepik

Find and Assign

Locate various content, bookmark problem sets, and create your first assignment.

Author: Freepik

In the Classroom

Understand the student experience, various use cases, and classroom features.

Author: Surang

Power of Reports

Make the most of assignment reports, inform instructional practice, and support learning.

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